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"Lotse," derived from the German term for an air-traffic controller, is a fitting metaphor for who we are — we see ourselves as the digital guide in your business's airspace, steering you through your work environment with ease and efficiency. Like Jarvis from Iron Man, we're here to empower your business by automating mundane tasks and enabling your focus on what truly matters — creativity, strategy, and value creation.We're all about crafting smart context-aware tools that are in tune with your work environment, stepping in to take on the routine tasks that have a knack of swallowing up your day and keep you from doing what you do best. From chatting to your documents across platforms like Google Drive, Notion, Figma, and Hubspot, to serving you handy summaries and timely updates, LotseAI is the extra set of hands you've always needed.BackgroundLotseAI was born from my personal journey across different workplaces, from fledgling two-person pre-seed startups to 3000-strong Series F companies. I was struck by the amount of hours lost in the vortex of hunting down documents, chasing elusive links, and juggling repetitive tasks that machines could do far more efficiently. It became clear that the challenges of maintaining and accessing information in a distributed work setup led to inefficiencies and duplicated efforts.Our mission is simple but profound: To return those precious lost hours back to the people and let them focus on what adds real value to the business.MissionBut we're not stopping there. We believe in a future where work is collaborative, integrated, and unconstrained by geography. As our work grows more complex and global, we'll need tools that keep up, help us stay productive, and connect us in smarter ways. LotseAI is committed to crafting a future where your business tasks are semi-automated, driven by a clear understanding of your needs, whether you're interacting within your company or reaching out across businesses, all based on a deep understanding of your context.We're not just building tools; we're shaping an interconnected, efficient, and humane future of work.
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